Domestic Refrigerants

Oz-Chill has a range of natural refrigerants which are energy efficient and environmentally safe.  No matter what type of air conditioning system, we have a solution for you and your requirements.

Oz-Chill solutions include:

  • OZ-290
  • OZ-40
  • OZ-50


OZ-290 is for use in all manufacturer designed air conditioning systems.  Where ever you see R290, Oz-Chill is the solution for you.


OZ-40 is specifically designed as a replacement for R22.  For all R22 designed air conditioners, OZ-40 has the greatest compatibility and is the solution for you.


OZ-50 is designed to replace all of the low temperature chemical refrigerants including R404a, R407c, R410a, and R22.  OZ-50 will provide you with great energy savings and is the solution for you.