R22 & R404A Replacement – OZ-40

R134A Replacement – OZ-30

R404A Replacement – OZ-50

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Oz-Chill Refrigerants is a world-leading supplier of natural refrigerants. Our range of naturally occurring hydrocarbon refrigerants are organic and nontoxic, and they have no ozone depleting properties and minimal global warming potential—therefore making Oz-Chill the natural, green choice.

Our product range:

These natural refrigerants are used by global manufacturers and refrigeration technicians in all types of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

These systems include:

  • Automotive air conditioning
  • Domestic and commercial air conditioning
  • Commercial and industrial air conditioning (chillers)
  • Refrigeration (cool rooms)
  • Display cabinets and vending machines
  • Fridges and freezers for domestic, commercial and industrial applications
  • Hot water systems (heat pumps)

Oz-chill’s range of hydrocarbon refrigerants can be used in either application:

  • Manufacturer designed systems eg. R290, r600a
  • Retrofitting and replacing chemical refrigerants like r22, r134a, r410a, r404a etc…

Oz-chill’s hydrocarbon blends oz-30, oz-40 and oz-50 can be used to retrofit the following types of refrigerants:

  • r134a
  • r22
  • r404a
  • r407c
  • r410a