R404A Replacement – OZ-50

OZ-50 (Blend)

(Formerly known as Multi) High Purity Alternative Refrigerant for R22, R404a, R407c etc. Low temperature Hydrocarbon Refrigerant OZ-50 is a hydrocarbon based refrigerant blended from environmentally safe, naturally occurring hydrocarbons. This blend is a direct replacement or retrofit option used to replace HCFC and HFC refrigerants such as R22, R404a, R407c. OZ-50 has a number of applications and is most suited to low temperature applications. The most common applications include domestic air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, wall splits, ducted systems, roof top packages, industrial cool rooms and freezers, agricultural chillers and vats, dairy and wineries, supermarket cool units and displays. OZ-50 operates at much lower head pressures and offers improved cooling properties and performance compared to R22 and R404a. REPLACES:

  • R404a
  • R407c
  • R22
  • etc..


  • Domestic air conditioning
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Wall splits, ducted systems
  • Roof top packages
  • Industrial cool rooms & freezers
  • Supermarket cool units & displays
  • Refrigerated cabinets & transports
  • Agricultural chillers & vats
  • Dairy & wineries


  • Simple retrofit option for R22, R404a, R407c …
  • No need to change compressor, evaporator, condensor or lubricating oil.
  • Reduction of 50-60% of charging amount compared to R22, R404a, R407c,
  • Increase in energy efficiency and decrease in power consumption.
  • Lower head pressures reduce load on compressor
  • Quicker pull down temperatures
  • Environmentally safe with 0 ODP and only 3 GWP.

PURITY Why is the refrigerant purity such a major concern? Impurities such as other hydrocarbons can impact the vapour pressure of the refrigerant, therefore lowering overall system efficiency. Sulphur can cause corrosion and unsaturated hydrocarbons can react with system components. Moisture in the refrigerant can lead to hydrolysis, corrosion and compressor failure. Therefore it is critical to ensure that every system uses the correct and highest grade refrigerant available. COMPATIBILITY OZ-50 is compatible with most common refrigerant materials including R22 and R404a metal components, lubricants, seals, gaskets hoses compressors and o-rings. Mineral oil is preferred, but also compatible with PAG, POE and AB lubricant oils. Most common elastomer and plastic refrigeration materials used as o-rings, seals and gaskets are compatible with Oz-Chill Refrigerants. Butyl hoses are incompatible and should not be used with hydrocarbon refrigerants.