What Makes us Different?

Energy Efficiency is our Priority

Our refrigerants are Guaranteed to reduce your systems power consumption by at least 10%. When all is said and done, all we are really aiming for is to let you know that it is possible to save from 10% – 40% when you use our products to replace chemical refrigerants. No matter how seemingly complex the design of a refrigeration or air conditioning system is, as long as it uses chemical refrigerants, it eats up a ton of energy.

With Oz-Chill, you can chill. The careful formulation of our Hydrocarbon Refrigerants brings out the best in thermodynamic precision; significantly lowering the operating discharge pressures and temperature of your system and transforming it into an energy-efficient machine that keeps wear and tear at bay. Improve your air conditioning or refrigeration system with Oz-Chill today, and add to your power savings in an eco-friendly way.

Highest Quality

All of Oz-Chill’s products are refi ned to the highest levels in order to provide you with an ensured level of quality. The level of impurities in our refrigerants is insignifi cant to cause any trouble. In addition, our pure refrigerants, the OZ-290 and OZ-600a are both refi ned to over 99% purity. Our blends are also composed of these pure refrigerants during formulation. With Oz-Chill, you free yourself from the woes of unrefined refrigerants.

Global Standards

All of our high-quality refrigerants also meet the strict requirements and standards of the Australian Government (AS/NZS: 1677)

Mission Statements

We supply eco-friendly, energy efficient natural refrigerants to customers concerned about the environment. We keep the world safe, one refrigerant at a time.