Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is our Priority

Our refrigerants are Guaranteed to reduce your systems power consumption by at least 10%. When all is said and done, all we are really aiming for is to let you know that it is possible to save from 10% – 40% when you use our products to replace chemical refrigerants. No matter how seemingly complex the design of a refrigeration or air conditioning system is, as long as it uses chemical refrigerants, it eats up a ton of energy.

With Oz-Chill, you can chill. The careful formulation of our Hydrocarbon Refrigerants brings out the best in thermodynamic precision; significantly lowering the operating discharge pressures and temperature of your system and transforming it into an energy-efficient machine that keeps wear and tear at bay. Improve your air conditioning or refrigeration system with Oz-Chill today, and add to your power savings in an Eco-friendly way.

The use of hydrocarbon refrigerants is becoming increasingly popular because of their low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance.

Oz-Chill’s range of hydrocarbon refrigerants are not only environmentally safe and refined to the highest quality, they are also energy efficient. When comparing them with chemical refrigerants like R134a, R22, R404a, R410a etc… power savings of 10% plus will be achieved.

Some refrigeration mechanics have reported power consumption savings of over 40% when replacing a systems refrigerant from a HFC of HCFC to one of Oz-Chill’s products.

These energy saving’s result from a number of factors, including the physical properties of the pure hydrocarbon and also the makeup of Oz-Chill’s blends.

Due to the physical properties of Hydrocarbon Refrigerants, they are 50% more efficient conductors of heat than Chemical/Fluorocarbon Refrigerants. Hydrocarbons also have operating pressures about 20% lower than that of Chemical/Fluorocarbon Refrigerants. These lower operating discharge pressures reduce the work that the compressor has to do thus reducing wear and tear.

Refrigerant Efficiency

How fast a refrigerant is able to transfer heat at any point in time is measured in joules per gram.

Hydrocarbon refrigerant is able to transfer heat at the rate of 367 joules per gram and is regarded as one of the most efficient natural refrigerants in the market today.

In comparison, R22 refrigerant is only able transfer heat at the rate of 163 joules per gram.

Hydrocarbon is therefore 125% more efficient as a refrigerant relative to R22 and R410a.

The combination of the molecular size, refrigerant efficiency and lower head pressures of the hydrocarbon refrigerant, all help contribute to reduced wear and tear on each system. This could save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and will increase the standard operating life of the compressor and other parts.

Oz-Chill’s Guarantee

Oz-Chill Guarantee’s that if you replace a system’s HFC or HCFC chemical refrigerant with one of Oz-Chill’s energy efficient refrigerants you will receive a 10% power consumption saving.

The retrofit must be conducted by a licensed refrigeration technician who follows standard refrigeration principles of retrofitting refrigerants.