R290 Replacement – OZ-290

OZ-290 (Propane)

High Purity R290 Refrigerant

Medium to low temperature hydrocarbon refrigerant

OZ-290 (R290) is a high refrigerant grade hydrocarbon designed for the use in air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, process chilling or heat extraction.

Due to R290 having zero ODP, near zero GWP, low power consumption and lowering head pressures, R290 is quickly becoming the refrigerant of choice for manufacturers of air conditioning and refrigeration systems all over the globe.

OZ-290 has a number of applications and is most suited to medium and low temperature applications. The most common applications include commercial refrigeration, display cabinets and vending machines, cold storage and food processing, industrial refrigeration, transport refrigeration, small air conditioning systems, large air conditioning and chillers, heat pumps and hot water heat pumps.

Due to the physical properties of OZ-290, lower charges allow the use of smaller heat exchangers and piping dimensions.

OZ-290 can be used in systems specifically designed for R290 and also for retrofit projects which previously used HCFC-22, HFC-404a and HFC 407c.


  • Domestic Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Wall splits & Ducted Systems
  • Roof Top Packaged Units
  • Industrial Cool Rooms & Freezers
  • Supermarket Cool Units & Displays
  • Chillers & Vats
  • Dairy & Wineries


  • Excellent thermodynamic properties leading to high energy efficiency
  • Good compatibility with components
  • Low charges allowing smaller heat exchangers and piping dimensions
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Only 3 Global Warming Potential


Why is the refrigerant purity such a major concern? Impurities such as other hydrocarbons can impact the vapour pressure of the refrigerant, therefore lowering overall system efficiency. Sulphur can cause corrosion and unsaturated hydrocarbons can react with system components. Moisture in the refrigerant can lead to hydrolysis, corrosion and compressor failure.

Other commercial propane’s, such as LPG are not suitable for refrigeration. The composition of these gases vary substantially and generally is made up of 60 % to 95% propane. They can have high levels of moisture and unsaturated hydrocarbons, which are not suitable for refrigerated systems.


Oz-Chill can provide you with an assured level of quality.  Our R290 is at least 99% pure with minimal levels of critical impurities including moisture (generally <0.001%), unsaturated hydrocarbons (generally <0.01%) and sulphur (generally <1.5ppm).  Making OZ-290 ideal in air conditioning systems.


OZ-290 is compatible with most common refrigerant materials including metal components, lubricants, seals, gaskets hoses compressors and o-rings. Mineral oil (MO) or Polyakylene Glycol (PAG) are the preferred lubricant oils.

Most common elastomer and plastic refrigeration materials used as o-rings, seals and gaskets are compatible with Oz-Chill Refrigerants. Butyl hoses are incompatible and should not be used with hydrocarbon refrigerants.