R600A Replacement – OZ-600A

OZ-600a (Isobutane)

High Purity R600a Refrigerant
High and Medium Temperature Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

OZ-600a is a high grade hydrocarbon refrigerant also known as Iso-butane or R600a. Due to R600a having zero ODP, near zero GWP, low power consumption and low discharge temperature, R600a is the refrigerant of choice for manufacturers of refrigerated systems all over the globe.

R600a has a number of applications and is most suited to high and medium temperature applications. The most common applications are for use in domestic refrigeration (refrigerators and freezers),
with over 500 million units using this product. Other applications include small display cabinets, vending machines and bar fridges.


  • Domestic Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Commercial Refrigerators/Freezers
  • Cool Units, Display Units and Cabinets
  • Hairspray and aerosol propellant


  • Excellent thermodynamic properties leading to high energy efficiency
  • Good compatibility with components
  • Low charges allowing smaller heat exchangers and piping dimensions
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Only 3 Global Warming Potential


Why is the refrigerant purity such a major concern? Impurities such as other hydrocarbons can impact the vapour pressure of the refrigerant, therefore lowering overall system efficiency. Sulphur can cause corrosion and unsaturated hydrocarbons can react with system components. Moisture in the refrigerant can lead to hydrolysis, corrosion and compressor failure. Therefore it is critical to ensure that every system uses the correct and highest grade refrigerant available.


Oz-Chill can provide you with an assured level of quality.  Our R600a is at least 99% pure with minimal levels of critical impurities including moisture (generally <0.001%), unsaturated hydrocarbons (generally <0.01%) and sulphur (generally <1.5ppm).  Making OZ-600a ideal in refrigeration systems.


OZ-600a is compatible with most common refrigerant materials including metal components, lubricants, seals, gaskets hoses compressors and o-rings. Mineral oil (MO) or Polyakylene Glycol (PAG) are the preferred lubricant oils. Most common elastomer and plastic refrigeration materials used as o-rings, seals and gaskets are compatible with Oz-Chill Refrigerants. Butyl hoses are incompatible and should not be used with hydrocarbon refrigerants.

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OZ-600a R600a Brochure

Pressure_Temp Chart OZ-600a

Oil Selection and Elastomer Compatability Guide